7 Modifications That Will Void Your Golf Cart Warranty

Golf Cart Warranty

Golf cart warranties have been around for a few years but have lately acquired traction in the business. So why not? As a vehicle owner, golf cart warranties are invaluable. These warranties are remarkably similar to the ones you get with your automobile.

Knowing what things might invalidate your golf cart guarantee is more critical than ever given its growing popularity. All golf cart warranties are a legal agreement between you and the supplier. Each warranty, like any contract, differs in what you can and cannot do with it, which is why it’s critical that you understand yours and pick a contract that will meet your demands.

What Are Golf Cart Warranties?

Golf cart warranties operate by establishing your policy when you buy your cart from a golf cart dealer. If you have any problems with your cart later on, all you have to do is register a claim. The warranty provider reviews this claim and either approves or denies it depending on what is covered or the cause of the damage.

If your claim is granted, the dealer will pick up the cart, execute the repairs, and then reimburse the dealership for the cost of the golf cart components and labor before returning the cart to you.

Several factors might violate your golf cart warranty. Nobody wants their golf cart warranty to be voided. These warranties often do not cover accidents or damage caused by overuse, as well as any aftermarket additions placed after purchase.

What Factors Influence the Denial of a Golf Cart Warranty Claim?

The warranty agreement, like any other contract, may be terminated if you fail to keep your half of the deal. Now, let’s go through some of the most typical modifications that individuals make, which will invalidate their golf cart warranty.

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Putting Changes in Place

Modifications to your automobile may void your insurance/warranty, and they can easily void your golf cart’s warranty as well. Although what you may and cannot do varies on your specific warranty contract, in most circumstances, several relatively simple changes can invalidate your warranty.

Here are seven golf cart changes that can invalidate your warranty:

1. Changes to the Speed Governor

Golf cart speed is often regulated by a governor mechanism, which is conveniently accessible in a golf cart. Remember that your golf cart is meant to have a maximum speed. Modifying the governor such that it functions differently than it is designed to may invalidate your golf cart warranty.

2. Brake System Modification

Golf carts often feature brakes on the back wheels rather than all four. There are several types of brakes for golf carts, such as disc brakes, regenerative brakes, and drum brakes. Your golf cart’s warranty may be canceled if you modify the braking system.

3. Unauthorized Use of Parts

Fake components are inexpensively accessible on the market. These counterfeit components are of poor quality. If you use these counterfeit components in your golf cart, the warranty will be invalidated. You can easily spot bogus components by looking for the manufacturer’s hologram.

4. Changing or Modifying the Drive Unit

We all expect our vehicles to go quickly. Typically, individuals attempt to speed up the drive unit by changing it. However, upgrading or modifying the golf cart drive unit in any manner other than the intended usage may invalidate the warranty.

5. Steering Adjustment

Steering is critical to the functioning of a golf cart. Installing substantial suspension changes is a growing trend. You should be aware that such modifications jeopardize a vehicle’s platform and may cause drivetrain issues. This modification may invalidate the warranty on your golf cart.

6. Making Electrical Modifications

Any modifications to the golf cart’s electrical cables, equipment, or connections may result in the termination of the warranty. If you alter your cart with any component that requires modifications to the cart’s electrical system, you may invalidate the warranty.

7. Changing the Cart’s Structure

Modifying the golf cart structurally may immediately invalidate the warranty. Changing the body of the cart to lengthen it or cutting away body portions to update the cart’s appearance may invalidate the warranty.

Many additional behaviors, such as failing to perform required golf cart maintenance on schedule, may result in the voiding of your warranty. Customers’ warranties may be voided if they decide to perform repairs or changes without first obtaining permission from the guarantee provider.

We recommend that you consult with your golf cart dealer before making any alterations or utilizing any goods other than those listed in the warranty contract. Your warranty should cover any unexpected repair expenses caused by the failure of factory-fitted components on your golf cart. However, you must also be aware of your duties under the warranty agreement.

What are your options?

The first step is to read and comprehend your warranty contract. Spend some time reading the text to understand what is and isn’t included. If you thoroughly comprehend the warranty paperwork, you will be well on your way to preserving your warranty for the duration of its term. If it seems that the warranty has been voided, realize that you still have a chance.

While some dealers are quite rigorous, others are prepared to listen. You may make an appeal to the chain of command. If none of your attempts succeed, you have another option: extended golf cart warranties. Though they are often bought after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you may also purchase one if your manufacturer’s warranty has been invalidated.

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