All You Need to Know About Custom Chocolate Boxes


Are you in the bakery business and selling your yummiest chocolates in ordinary box packaging? It’s time to renovate your business. How to make it possible. You can do it with custom chocolate boxes. Do not know about customization? Here it is. This piece of writing will enlighten you regarding the key features of chocolate boxes wholesale.

What are the Key Characteristics of Chocolate Boxes Packaging Wholesale?

The essential aspects of custom chocolate boxes are as follow:

Obtainable in Customized Shapes, Sizes, and Styles:

Enough with standard packaging. It’s the need of the hour to modernize with us. In customization, you can get the box in whatever shape, size, and style you want. It would be best if you informed our designers about your product’s dimensions; they will do wonders. Our packaging manufacturers have years of experience and know how to stand out your business. You can get a custom chocolate box in cubic, heart, or rectangle shapes. Besides the box’s shapes, you have the freedom to choose the box’s styles among the following options:

  • two-piece box
  • tuck front box
  • sleeve packaging
  • Straight tuck end box (STE box)
  • chocolate gift box packaging

Furthermore, if you have any innovative ideas related to box designs, share them with our team and let them turn your imaginative box into a practical shape.

Manufactured with Sustainable and Recyclable Packaging Material:

You must have observed that most brands’ products are of good quality. But their worth decreases due to the average quality packaging material. Our chocolate boxes wholesale is constructed with long-lasting and high-quality material. Chocolates are prone to get soggy and cracked due to exposure to the sun’s heat. You can use kraft and cardboard stock. These paper options are durable and preserve the taste and flavor of delectable chocolates. However, most brands prefer cardboard paper. It is flexible and variable for prints, laminations, add-ons, etc.

Customization of Chocolate Boxes with Occasional Theme Designs:

You can customize your box with holidays or special events like Christmas, new year, or valentine, etc. you can select a rigid box for premium chocolate packaging. Rigid paper is hard and not easy to bendable. Rigid boxes are easy to customizable. You can design chocolate gift boxes with advanced prints, special coatings, finishings, etc. You can impress the giftee by printing their name or some wishing on the package for their special day. Furthermore, you can make your chocolate gift packaging more appealing with die-cuts, inserts, ribbons, etc.

Addition of Inserts in the Chocolate Box for Safety Purposes:

Do you wish to set out your brand’s products and make your product’s packaging distinguishable? You can give your audiences a remarkable unboxing experience with inserts and die-cuts. Dividers or partitions in the box work as a guard against traveling shocks and keep inside items protected. We propose cardboard or kraft inserts for kraft and cardboard boxes. They are strong, do not bend, and remain in shape for longer. However, you can add foam inserts in the rigid chocolate box for luxurious packaging.

Furnish the Box Packaging with a Plethora of Add-Ons and Finishings:

Using various embellishments and add-ons adds durability to the box and make it more appealing and engaging. You can laminate the box with gloss and matt finish for a soft and shiny texture.  Furthermore, the matt finish is immutable to scratches, stains, fingerprints, etc. We suggest you choose foil stamping and spot UV to prominent the design patterns.

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Choose iCustomBoxes for Chocolate Boxes Packaging Wholesale:

You must be wondering what is special about our services. Numerous reasons can force you to choose us. Our company is ranked among the world’s best packaging suppliers worldwide. We aim to deliver first-quality services at cost-effective prices. The supply of state-of-the-art facilities has helped us win the public’s trust in a very short time. Furthermore, we have incorporated some policies for the comfort of our customers. We offer:

  • We offer free of cost shipping all around the world.
  • We do not charge for plates and die-cuts.
  • You can avail of free design assistance from our qualified designers.
  • We offer 2D and 3D design mock-ups for the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Our customer support team is available 24 hours to assist the customers.
  • We are offering cutting-edge services at very economical prices.

So please don’t wait. contact us at +1-800-347-2197 to place your order. Or you can leave your questions at our email address at

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