Best and Affordable Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore

LARA is a leading ladies hostel in Coimbatore duly reviewed and recognized by the government. designed to suit everyone’s budget and comfort. a spacious room and a peaceful environment, like a private wardrobe for everyone.

Lara Womens Hostel in Coimbatore has been developed with complete consideration for women’s safety and has been honestly running these hostel services for many years without charging any hidden charges. 8 to 12 person can comfortably stay in one room with wardrobes. Built with every woman’s mental state in mind, the hostel not only provides a home-like environment but also home-style food, with the best healthy food served in the hostel.

Reasons Why Our Hotels Are Unique in Comparison to Others

Hostels in major metropolitan areas

Lara Hostel has hostels in four of Coimbatore’s most congested areas. which is very close to every girl who comes to Coimbatore for work or studies, so when you choose a hostel, you choose among the hostels within a few kilometers that are closest to your needs and your college so that you have the ideal accommodation for you. All your needs are very close to all the centers, like banks, so you will not have any problems. You will always feel safe, and your needs are always outside.

Although some hostels offer affordable prices, it is wise to choose a hostel in a major city to save you the time and money you would otherwise spend on travel by choosing one that is far away in the jungle or within the city limits. will be optional. Don’t choose a hotel far away just because they charge less. Be very careful when choosing a hotel. You should choose the hotel that is closest to you. It will save you money and time and reduce your wandering.

Budget-friendly and cost-effective

BUY So we are more confident in our choice because we know it is within your budget. Our accommodation charges vary depending on the number of people staying. For example, if you give 8 people a room, you will be charged Rs 5500 per individual, including eight people, and if you join four people, there will be a little extra charge in our hostels. nothing

Full of luxurious amenities for a comfortable stay.

Ladies!! You can live a life of luxury in our hostel just like you would at home, without any hassles, because our hostels are full of comfort features. Each one is provided with a washing machine, a separate cupboard, RO drinking water, and hot water for bathing. Non-vegetarian food twice a week for very healthy, clean eating. We guarantee continuous availability.

Our hostel is equipped with a CCTV camera system around the clock, so you don’t have to worry about any theft. We guarantee that your belongings, jewelry, and valuables will be safe, and even if there is any obstruction, you can find your belongings through this CCTV footage.

24-hour security guards are in place to ensure that all the girls at Laura Hostel feel safe and secure. Housekeeping services are always available for your convenient and clean surroundings.

Hostel without maximum terms and conditions

Yes, it’s true, our girls’ hostel has very few rules. Every girl is free to go out and move freely, so we don’t give any girl the feeling that we are bountiful, and she will always feel very free, whereas there is no lack of security. There won’t be

We always feel that firmness with too many regulations is like a prison, and that’s why we act based on our absolute freedom so that every woman can roam outside like a bird alone and be safe.

We have specified a login time of 10 a.m. and a logout time of 21:30 so that you can log in and leave Lahore at your leisure.

Large room size

Each of the rooms at Lara Hostel is built in equal proportions, and each room can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. Everyone in the hostel is provided with a locker with individual cupboards. You can store your belongings and valuables in the lockers and keep your keys with you. It is completely safe. Our room has a very clean and spacious environment and is well equipped for everything you need to stay and sleep, enjoy the pastime with your friends, and study.


We hope this blog is useful to you! All such facilities are set up in Lara Ladies Hostel in Coimbatore, as it has the most suitable facility for you to stay and spend your time with friends. But you need to go out, so don’t forget to stay at our girls hostel when you go out. The hostel is set up. You can visit anytime. You can learn more about us and our values by visiting our website. Once you stay at our ladies hostel in coimbatore, you will love us again. We are confident that your stay at our hostel will be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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