Different Types Of Wood Materials For Doors & Their Benefits

Wooden doors are the most luxurious choice to elevate the style of your space. To transform the interior design of your living and working spaces, these doors are the timeless choice to opt for with the availability of a range of finishes, textures, patterns, and wooden shades. Wooden doors can enhance the aesthetic appeal and aura of the place while adding value to your property. These doors are made of different kinds of wood that is manufactured, cut, molded, and resized to make a perfect-sized door for embellishing your home’s interiors and exteriors. If you are curious about different Types Of Wood Materials, you must look at the distinct types of wood mentioned in this writing, along with their exceptional benefits and characteristics.

Versatile Wood Types For Your Custom Doors With Pros

If you go shopping for wooden doors, there are many options available. Solid, hardwood and oak wood are the most popular choices among all available choices. Let’s dig into the benefits and features of these wood doors to help you select the best in terms of the characteristics of each.

1. Hardwood & Solid Wood

Solid and hardwood are the most luxurious yet durable choices for wooden doors. The doors made from hardwood and solid wood are exceptional choices for outdoor gates for homes and offices.


  • Withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Offer prevention against sunlight
  • Exceptionally durable and long-lasting
  • Energy efficient & dimensionally stable
  • Offer resistance against stains & molds

2. Cedar Wood

Cedar is another quality material for wooden doors that make highly resilient home furnishing elements because of its beautiful appearance and distinguishing characteristics. The doors made from this wood offer more appealing entrances in homes.


  • This material is naturally insect repellant
  • Can endure extreme temperatures easily
  • Available with low and premium costs
  • Offer excellent workability and give fragrance

3. Red oak

Red oak is the most versatile material to make furniture elements like cabinets, desks, and dining tables. It is the best wooden door material as it effortlessly improves the interior design of a space.


  • Offer strong resistance against shocks
  • It can be sanded easily
  • Have a wider range of grainy patterns and layouts
  • Can be refinished and stained without blotching

4. Cherry & Pine

Cherry is a wood material available in different colors ranging from blonde to reddish brown, and pine can be purchased with tight grains and light brown shades. Both of these materials are widely used to make various home furnishing accessories.


  • Both offer versatility and favorite among carpenters
  • Excellent workability and a medium level of strength
  • Lightweight materials, easy to cut and shape
  • Cherry wood offers the shock load resistance
  • Available in appealing grainy textures and layout

5. Hickory & Mahogany

Hickory is a highly robust material with rich brown and reddish color tones. Real mahogany is also renowned for its solid and sturdy feel and is used specifically for making doors.

Wooden Doors


  • Mahogany is decay-resistant, and hickory is shock resistant
  • Hickory comes with some knotting and holds up well against stains
  • Mahogany is adaptable for external use and is best for humid environments
  • Both of these offer high-end durability and dimensional or structural stability

6. Walnut & Oak

Walnut is the ideal choice for the external doors and is available in color shades ranging from yellow to chocolate brown. While oak has a grainy and coarse texture that looks perfect for rustic-style wooden doors.


  • Both are sturdy materials that offer the high-end durability
  • They offer the vibrant and aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • They have sumptuous and wavy grain textures.
  • Offer the clean finish and sleekest look to your doors
  • It can be used in bland and chilly climates to offer warmth

7. Maple & Timber

Maple is reasonably suitable for wooden doors, recognized as best for their density, while the timber is the most classic choice and known for its strength. Maple comes in creamy white outlooks and is recommended for internal use, and timber is an environment-friendly choice.


  • Both are highly durable and require low maintenance
    They won’t rot or decay over time and offer longer spans
  • Maple wood looks excellent as the wooden doors and other furnishing products
  • Timber can last longer than composite, aluminum, and PVC doors

Wrapping Up!

Wooden doors are the most timeless way to bring a new life to the interior design of any space. With the broader range of wooden materials and species in the market, you might need clarification or want to know about different types of wood for doors. For doors, you can select hardwood, solid wood, oak wood, maple wood, and walnut material.

Besides, you can choose timber, red oak, cedar wood, hickory, and mahogany for custom wooden doors in your spaces. These wood types for doors give a different kind of appearance and finish and come with versatile features and benefits mentioned in this guide.

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