From scalability, specialised expertise, and simple peace of mind, Managed IT Services can have many advantages for organizations.

Managed IT services refer to certain forms of outsourced service that are related directly to a business’ IT infrastructure and strategy. Nowadays, IT is crucial to most businesses’ function, and their success – thus, the efficient and productive management of IT is very beneficial. While many businesses opt to keep their IT management in-house, managed services are growing on popularity. We spoke with one provider based in London, TechQuarters. Having provided managed IT services London companies have relied on since 2010, TechQuarters described some of the key advantages that businesses can find with services like theirs.

Advantages of Opting for Managed IT Services

Effective, forward-thinking IT management is crucial for modern businesses. It helps business hone their operational efficiency, optimize data security, maintain seamless communication, and adapt to evolving technology trends.

Below are three key examples of how managed IT services can benefit businesses and make them more in touch with the cutting edge of the business tech sector.

  1. Enhanced Cost-Efficiency

Working with a managed IT service provider can help a business become more cost-effective in the way they consume and manage their IT resources.

A common way that MSPs help clients cut costs is by streamlining – or eliminating – their infrastructure costs. For example, TechQuarters provides cloud migration services to help businesses move away from on-premises setups, which are more expensive in both the short and long term. Managed IT services can also help businesses lower labour costs, by scaling their support without hiring additional staff. Managed services also make a business’ monthly IT spend more predictable as an operational expense.

  1. Access to Specialized Expertise

One of the challenges of being at the cutting edge of IT as an organization is that it requires having a lot of specialist expertise available to you on demand. Maintaining the necessary talent in-house can be expensive; but working with an MSP can give a business access to the talent without the expense of hiring and training.

The average managed IT services company provides a lot of businesses with all of the IT services and functions they need. This means that they have a strong workforce that can cover the demand of their entire client base. This includes having a diverse array of specialists on hand – such as cloud architects, security experts, or data analysts.

  1. Scalability and flexibility

A big reason why managed IT services have become so popular in London and many other major cities around the world is that it allows businesses to scale at a much faster rate. 

As mentioned already, managed service providers have the infrastructure, resources and workforce to meet the demands of many businesses at once. For businesses keeping things in-house, in order to scale their IT, they would need to purchase the necessary resources and hire the staff before they could scale. With managed services, this is not necessary, as the resources are already there. TechQuarters confirmed that one of the key managed services they provide is IT support for Croydon and London businesses – small businesses rely on them for support, and when they grow, they can easily scale their support (and any other services they are getting).

Managed IT Services for Business

The above points are just a few of the many examples of the advantages businesses can expect from working with an MSP. Leveraging managed IT services can have many benefits for a business. From greater cost efficiency, to ease of scaling, managed IT services are a tool for growth as a business in the age of technology.

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