How to become famous on Twitter in India? 

become famous on Twitter

To become famous on Twitter, you must have many followers on your Twitter account. The simple meaning of being popular is to reach the maximum number of people, and when the number of followers on your Twitter account is high, you are called Twitter Famous.

If you are a Twitter user and want to become popular, then you can adopt some of the main routes mentioned in this article. The ways to become Twitter Famous mentioned in this article are organic and time-consuming, but you should adopt these ways.

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What is the meaning of Twitter famous? 

Being famous means that people know you, and Twitter popular  means that all the users who are known on Twitter or because of Twitter are called Twitter celeb people. When you choose your niche and post related to that niche and influence people with those posts so that people follow you and your following increases so that you get famous on Twitter.

Ways to become famous on Twitter in India.

An Indian Twitter user can follow the steps given below to become popular on Twitter. All the ways mentioned below are organic ways to become famous on Twitter. Some of the important ways to become famous are described as follows:

Be authentic

You are showing reality to the audience, whatever you show or tell on your Twitter account. Always be authentic, so the audience is influenced by your reality and follows you. So always being authentic is the first way to become famous on Twitter. 

  • Mention your real name, occupation, and interest. Keep the audience from saying anything in your profile bio.
  • Put a photo on the profile of your Twitter account.
  • You can also give a link to your other social media platform so the audience can know more about you.


Twitter allows you to make friends with people you’ve never met. So you can interact with many Twitter users and build strong friendships with them. And when your friends increase on Twitter, the number of your followers also increases.

Interacting with the audience is also a great way to become Twitter famous. You can interact with Twitter users by making friends, but it is impossible to make more friends, so you can retweet some users’ tweets so that they know you, and the more people you know, the more famous you will become.

Provide information other people want to know and share: 

You should provide information to your audience that people want to learn and share after watching. When you share the content of their choice with the audience, the audience likes your content, and they follow you to see more such content, which increases the number of Twitter followers and helps you become famous.  

Learn what makes a good tweet

While creating one of your tweets, remember what things can make your tweet good so that more audience interacts with your tweets and retweets. We know how essential tweets are on Twitter, so being good at your tweets can also help you become famous on Twitter people. You can follow these steps to create good tweets: 

  • The content of your tweets should be engaging and valuable so that maximum Twitter users interact with your tweets and retweet your tweets.
  • Use at least two hashtags in your tweet that are relevant to your tweet content. 

Tag other people and brands: 

You can tag other Twitter users and brands in your tweets, which is a good and easy way to become famous on Twitter. Because when you tag another Twitter user or brand in your tweet, there are chances that those users will retweet and tag your tweets so that their audience will know about your account, and your Twitter followers will be more likely to increase.


The ways mentioned earlier to become popular on Twitter can prove to be helpful for you to become famous. But at the same time, all these ways are also time-consuming. Most of the methods mentioned in the article will help increase the number of followers. And when the number of your follower’s increases. Which means that you know as many people as possible, you can get popular on Twitter. If you want more followers soon, you can buy Twitter followers India. Once you become famous on Twitter, you also get many benefits, and often Twitter users want to be recognized for all those reasons.

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