No more missing out on events: now, with the help of virtual Event Registration Company like Zoom and Webex, global communities can gather in a few clicks. These user-friendly apps are packed full of features such as video conferencing technology to keep participants connected while also offering creative options for engagement including live chat rooms and breakout sessions. Virtual gatherings have made participating across continents accessible- allowing organizations & individuals alike to experience interactive digital meetings from wherever they may be!

What exactly is a virtual event platform?

Hosting virtual events has become an efficient and cost-effective way to connect people all over the world. By using a platform, attendees get access not only to networking opportunities but also beneficial information on upcoming activities that are in line with their interests!

To create a virtual event platform, you can follow these steps:

  • Identify the purpose and target audience of the platform.
  • Choose the right technology: Consider using a pre-built solution such as Zoom, Webex, or Teams or build a custom solution using a web development platform like Ruby on Rails or Django.
  • Design the platform’s user experience: Determine the functionality that is necessary for your virtual events, such as live streaming, video conferencing, or interactive sessions.
  • Develop the platform: This step involves the actual implementation of the platform using the technology and design you have chosen.
  • Test the platform: Test the platform to ensure that it meets the needs of your target audience and that it is functioning as intended.
  • Launch the platform: Make the platform available to the public and promote it to your target audience.
  • Monitor and maintain the platform: Keep track of usage and make updates as needed to ensure that the platform continues to meet the needs of your users.

Note: Creating a platform is no easy task. Depending on its complexity and technology, the process will vary – but this outline provides an overview of what to expect along the way.

The benefits of customizing the experience with a virtual events platform

Contrary to the traditional onsite events, virtual event platforms make it easy for users to host and manage engaging online gatherings. They provide attendees with features such as real-time chat or polling – making even large scale meetings feel interactive. Additionally, they have various advantages that can help take your engagement levels up a notch! Learn more about them below…

Increase audience engagement with a platform for virtual events

With the right virtual event platform, you can tailor your app to suit any need. Make sure it’s user-friendly so attendees will feel comfortable interacting with various features such as video chat and group chats – perfect for making meaningful connections from anywhere in the world!

To build off of that, you can also provide:

  • activities like surveys
  • interactive networking sessions
  • or workshops for attendees to provide feedbacks

Your virtual event can be tailored to your audience’s preferences by providing the flexibility of picking how they want to take part.

Virtual event platform features

When creating a virtual event, customizing your platform is key! Aim to build an experience that keeps attendees engaged and manages every aspect of the event. Make sure to select a platform with all the features you need for success from day one.

Are you ready to make your online event a success? Explore the core features that an ideal virtual platform should have in order to provide effortless hosting!

1. Customizable and interactive event features

Hosting a successful virtual event means really connecting with your attendees. Think about interactive features like group chats, video conferencing and push notifications that make it feel like an in-person experience – from the comfort of their own homes! Small changes to your platform can create big results for audience engagement.

Enhance your virtual event with our Chat Components! Our comprehensive chat customization empowers you to craft a unique, engaging experience that will remain in attendees’ memories. Create the perfect platform for your virtual occasion and make it stand out from the rest!

2. Online event registration

Get the word out about your online event registration system! Create an informative, eye-catching website or landing page to make it easy for attendees to learn why participating in your event is a great opportunity. Add personal touches with custom branding and share details on the agenda that will get everyone excited.

3. Virtual event marketing automation tools

Streamlining event planning has never been easier! Automation tools are the perfect solution for taking tedious tasks off your plate. From CRM integrations to email marketing and real-time updates, automation makes event creation a seamless process that also conserves developer hours and costs – it’s truly a win/win situation!

4. Live event support

Hosting a successful virtual event requires you to be on top of everything happening in real-time. Thankfully, using platforms such as PubNub gives you access to an Event Support Team and operational dashboards for full control over the entire experience. You can also activate filters that ensure only appropriate content is shared with participants during your event – so you don’t have to stress about any backend issues!

5. Real-time event metrics

An unexpected issue during a virtual event can turn disastrous fast. Our Datadog dashboards provide instant notifications and real-time visibility to ensure your online events go smoothly – giving you the power to quickly identify problems and keep things running as intended!

Creating a successful virtual event starts with selecting the right format for your audience. We can help you choose from an array of experiences ranging from webinars to live streaming – all designed to draw in and captivate viewers!

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