cryogenic cooling

Many places in life need to use low temperatures to achieve the purpose of cooling, so how to achieve it? Here are a few methods for you.


  • refrigerator
  • The refrigerant


  1. First, natural cooling. Generally, such as boiling water, it will slowly cool down in an environment at room temperature, and it is usually judged according to the environment where the item is located.
  2. Second, mechanical cooling. The more common ones are refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc. Mechanical cooling can be achieved by placing items in such an environment. AO Discount Code  
  3. Third, low temperature coolant. Also known as chemical cooling, it is common to use refrigerants such as liquid ammonia and nitrogen to achieve the cooling effect by changing the ambient temperature of the item.

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How to Cool Bread Quickly

Method for rapid cooling of large batches of bread to room temperature


  • bread a car
  • One vacuum cooler


  1. Place the baked bread directly into the vacuum cooler and insert the temperature probe into the bread.
  2. Close the door of the vacuum cooling machine, set the bread cooling temperature, and start the device with one button.
  3. After the bread has cooled down, the equipment stops, the equipment door is opened, and the bread is taken out.


Sanitize hands when touching equipment

How to choose a CD rack, which CD rack is better

There are generally two types of shelves used to store CDs: floor and desk, and the materials are divided into wood, metal, plastic and other materials. It is divided into desk type and floor type. Block sunlight, protect discs from damage, and save space.

Classification of CD racks

  1. According to the type of use: CD racks for land use, CD racks for desks
  2. Floor CD rack: a cabinet-shaped CD rack placed on the ground.
  3. CD rack for desk: A small CD rack placed on the table.
  4. Divided by material: wooden CD rack, metal CD rack, plastic CD rack, etc.

The purchase knowledge of CD rack

Choose different types of CD racks according to the placement position

If it is placed in a corner or on the ground, you can choose a CD rack for the floor. If it is placed on the desktop, you can choose a CD rack for the desk.

Choose the size of the CD rack according to the number of CDs

The size of the shelf varies from large to small, and the appropriate size should be selected according to the quantity when purchasing.

CD rack installation method

Wooden and metal floor-mounted CD racks [1] are suitable for placing in relatively spacious spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and study rooms.

The plastic desk CD rack is suitable for placing in places with small space, such as desks, desks, workbenches, etc. Appliances Direct Discount Code NHS


Fitness RackIs the fitness rack useful

  1. Now early education is getting more and more attention from mothers. They all hope that their babies can learn a lot of skills and abilities and improve their social competitiveness. Therefore, as soon as the baby is born, parents are cultivating the baby’s observation and perception skills. A lot of effort was put into it. It is a good idea for some mothers to choose a baby fitness rack. Many mothers do not understand what the baby fitness rack can do. Take a look at the introduction of the baby fitness rack and the benefits of the baby fitness rack.
  2. As a baby’s educational toy, the baby fitness machine has many good features, such as bright colors, simple assembly, and integrated functions. The baby’s curiosity, coupled with the music function and light function, increases the baby’s visual and auditory perception. If the baby can’t reach the baby fitness frame, you can remove the hanger on the fitness frame and let the baby hold it to play, so as to cultivate the baby’s snatch ability and improve the overall coordination. There are rolling toys and mirrors on both sides of the fitness frame, which can exercise the vitality of the baby’s fingers. The baby fitness equipment is suitable for all-round activities of the baby. It can be played no matter lying down, standing or sitting. It is a rare good toy for the baby and is very beneficial to the healthy growth of the baby.


  1. Grip strength exercise. The baby fitness rack can stimulate the baby’s sensory organs, help develop the baby’s grip strength, and make the baby develop and grow better. When the baby grows to 3 months old, he has begun to move his wrist freely and gradually acquire grip strength. Exercise racks center around hand or fingertip games like grabbing, holding, turning, pulling, etc. to help babies exercise
  2. Other functions cultivate a baby’s curiosity. 
  3. Exercise baby’s hands, fingertips, eyes, ears and body.
  4. Teach babies to recognize small animals and cultivate good emotions.
  5. Auditory, visual and tactile development. Hearing, vision, and touch are important means for infants to understand and perceive the world.
  6. From 3 to 10 days after birth, babies can learn to coordinate eye muscles, be able to watch a ringing bell 2 feet away, and be able to detect moving lights. At about 20 days, babies can initially distinguish colors, and distinguish the pitch, sound and duration of sounds. 1-month-old babies can distinguish between happy and sad music. Therefore, parents can place larger toys 30 cm in front of the newborn baby. Toys with simple shapes, bright colors or sounds can attract the baby’s attention the most. Some crib bells, baby rattles, baby handbells are the most suitable first choice.

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