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If you want to show off and preserve your wine collection, you need to invest in quality wine racks. You can get advice on the best wine racks for your needs from the professionals at Custom Wine Cellar. Wooden and metal wine racks are both in stock to meet your needs. Through the application of our skill, expertise, and creativity, we will design a wine rack specifically for your collection.

Wine racks that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, ideal for use in both commercial and home wine cellars

When there are so many options, it’s no wonder you’re having trouble settling on a wine rack. Custom Wine Cellar is experienced in making wine storage solutions that are both beautiful and functional. We understand the importance of properly storing your wine and offer racking services to assist you in doing so.

We have everything you could ever want. A variety of wine rack styles are available from our store. We offer both prefabricated wine rack kits and custom made wine racks. We hope to use the information you provide to suggest a wine rack that complements your interior design. Take into account the particulars below:

A wine cellar’s aesthetic value is crucial (traditional, contemporary, or transitional).

Before purchasing a wine cellar, consider:

  • the available funds
  • the size and shape of your wine storage area.

The wine rack recommendations we make will be tailored to your individual preferences and space constraints. It’s important to keep in mind that you’re not obligated in any way to follow any of our advice. The wine rack you choose is the deciding factor in creating the ideal wine cellar.

Racks for storing wine made of metal and wood

Wooden wine racks that the owner assembles on their own are the most cost-effective option, and they’re great for storing a lot of wine in a small space. These wine racks are of the same high standard as custom wine racks in terms of quality, durability, and dependability. Because they are all standard sizes and shapes. With so many options, it’s easy to create a beautiful wine cellar that takes up the whole room.

You can save a lot of money by purchasing one of these instead of another rack. Racking a room with a kit is quick and inexpensive. This “custom” appearance can then be achieved through the use of fillers and extenders.

If you’re concerned about the security of your wine collection, you can rest assured knowing that each of our wooden wine racks is built with a 1.5″ toe-kick base and horizontal dado spacer bars. We hand sand the edges of the wine labels to keep them in pristine condition. We use glue and staples to make sure the wine racks stay upright.

The diameter of each storage compartment is 3-and-a-quarter inches. Our wooden wine racks can be customised to your specifications, with a wide range of available sizes, heights, depths, and designs. Typically, wine racks are crafted from sapele mahogany, premium redwood, all heart redwood, malaysia mahogany, knotty alder, or pine.

It’s important to remember that each species has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our experts are here to guide you in making the best timber selection possible.

Vintage Wine Cabinets

Quarter-round, individual, column, column with display row, X bins, diamond bins, rectangular bins, solid lattice, lattice bin and case, and arch with tabletop are just a few of the many shapes and styles of wine storage that can be found.

Glass wine racks, horizontal display shelves, and cascading layouts

Wine Cellar Design Ideas

An attractive and practical option for displaying wine in a cellar is a set of custom wine racks.

You’ll need to get custom wine racks made to order if you want them to fit your wine room’s specific measurements and design. If you go this route, you can make efficient use of your wine cellar’s square footage.

Custom wine racks are more expensive than rack kits, but they are made to order. Putting the finishing touches on your wine cellar will make it more welcoming and functional.

Understanding what a client wants and helping them get there is crucial. There is no cookie-cutter approach to our wine cellar designs; rather, we require that each one be customised specifically for the client. Incorporating elements from multiple types of wine racks results in a visually stunning display.

Demand for wine storage spaces has increased, leading to a rise in the popularity of sleek wine racks. Our modern wine cellars are easily distinguished by these metal wine rack. Because of their sleek appearance and user-friendly design, they make for a great option. They’re a wonderful addition to any home’s already existing decor.

Wine rack made of metal by Vintage View are recommended by Custom Wine Cellar. Their wine storage facilities are renowned as some of the most trustworthy in the country. There is a wide selection of sizes and shapes available for the metal wine rack.

We also carry STACT and Ultra PEG wine rack in addition to the Cable variety. Steel or wrought iron, depending on the desired look. We will set up a metal wine rack system of your choosing.

See what information you can gather about the metal wine rack available from Custom Wine Cellar.

Metal wine rack have numerous benefits.

Upgrade your home’s opulence

  • Easily peruse your wine options (labels in front of the bottles)
  • quick and simple set-up
  • flexible design (freestanding and wall-mounted options are available)
  • Metal is used in construction (durable)
  • Amazing coatings and stains (a number of elegant choices are available)

This storage solution is great for small spaces due to its small footprint and scalability.

Racks of Metal Shelving Suspended from the Ceiling Specifically Crafted for Use in Wine Vaults

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