The benefits of Live Chat for E-commerce

The benefits of Live Chat for E-commerce

He stepped into his favorite electronics store in search of a T.V. he had long wanted but alas, it was nowhere to be found. Could they have run dry? Had they ceased making it? He searched for a shop attendant yet nothing. Is it worth the wait here or should I venture over to another shop? He made his way to a different store and eventually spotted his Television with the help of attentive shop assistants who could update him quickly and address his queries.

Websites not equipped with live chat for e-commerce have the same effect. Customers won’t pick up the phone or wait for a response via email to inquire about something minor. The outcome? They will find another page and you will forfeit the sale.

How important is Live Chat for E-Commerce?

According to a survey, 53% of consumers will abandon an online purchase if they don’t find quick answers to their questions, and 73% believe that valuing their time is paramount for good customer service.

What advantages can your business gain from using Live Chat?

Adding a live chat for e-commerce platform to your business page has many benefits, including:

Enhance efficiency and optimizing the performance of your staff to save time. Enable your customers to quickly answer their queries. Make your online store more personal and secure to give customers a better experience when shopping. Optimizing your content can help you generate leads and increase brand awareness. Tools Connect CRM systems and reporting tools to gain deeper insights into your customers.

Let’s analyze these benefits in greater depth.

The Solution to Saving Time

The benefits of Live Chat for E-commerce

By integrating Live Chat for e-commerce into your company’s page, you can improve employee efficiency and productivity. This will allow agents to handle multiple customer conversations simultaneously while offering an individualized service experience, instilling more trust in potential buyers.

E-commerce pages also have the advantage of allowing agents to receive messages as a group, where they can opt to “take over” the conversation. If the visitor needs higher-level help, the conversation can be seamlessly transferred to another agent while maintaining the transcript of all past interactions in order to solve the problem faster.

Customers can be provided with choices, allowing them to select the appropriate department for their issue. For instance, a company may present customers with the options of sales, support, or returns. Predefined questions can be used to save agents from typing out the same response repeatedly.

Shortcuts to a Conversation

Live Chat for e-commerce visitors instant access to a representative or squad of representatives. Nonetheless, should an inquiry be overly intricate, users can select to advance their discussion to a call using their web browser. This is efficient if the Live Chat app is associated with 3CX Phone System. The consumer gains from a connected connection as they are right away linked to the agent whom they had initially started the dialogue with, negating the requirement to delineate the exchange to a new agent.

Process of Reintroducing the personal touch to the shopping experience.

E-commerce shopping has removed the personalized customer service experience in recent years, leaving customers to compare items without help and with minimal understanding of why one product might be better than another.

The benefits of live chat for eCommerce stores are unbelievable. Live Chat for e-commerce provide messaging options that replicate the shopping experience of a traditional in-person store, with the added benefit of offering sales agents an opportunity to use conversation to sell more costly items.

Personalize the look to Match your Brand.

Integrating live chat for e-commerce page can offer your customers a great brand experience by providing them with custom features, integrations, and options that are tailored to their preferences.

.Choose the pages on which to display the chat bubble.

Choose which visitor information fields need to be edited (e.g., Name, Email, Both, or Neither).

makes the website look lively and attractive. The inclusion of avatars and logos creates an inviting and eye-catching look on the website.

.Your website’s styling can be customized with 3 unique color templates.

During and after operating hours, send notifications to your visitors about when customer service agents will be available.

knowledge is Power

The benefits of Live Chat for E-commerce

Without access to reports, e-commerce pages cannot assess how their customer service is operating and make improvements. Though the benefits of reporting may be overlooked, as an owner you cannot assume that once you’ve implemented a live chat for e-commerce solution your work is done – it’s only just beginning.

Once connected to 3CX Phone System, you will have access to three different reporting templates that provide relevant data about:

?What is the number of agents in chat queues?

Chat volume statistics including the number of chats received, answered, and abandoned.

Google Analytics can be used to track visitor behavior and interactions through chat bubbles.

Follow-up and development of leads in CRM

The use of 3CX, in combination with reports and popular CRM, helpdesk, and ticketing platforms, can give e-commerce teams more detailed information to generate a strong sales pipeline. This integration also offers several other benefits, including

Creating contacts and tracking the history of a live chat dialogue if it is escalated to a phone call. By syncing the customer contact in the CRM platform with live chat for e-commerce  transcripts, agents can view a full record of all conversations.

In summary

Live Chat for e-commerce can be a valuable addition to every web page, but it is especially essential for an e-commerce store. For example, 3CX Live Chat offers numerous advantages when used in conjunction with 3CX Switchboard, such as reports and access to additional channels like Facebook Messenger and corporate SMS. Plus, the first year of 3CX Live Chat can be downloaded and hosted for free.


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