Unique Gift Ideas For Your Kids On Different Occasions

Gift Ideas For Kids

I love giving kids meaningful gifts that aren’t toys. Toys are great, no doubt… Toys can be fun, and educational, and open up a whole new world of play, but today I’m going to talk about the best gifts that aren’t toys. Play is important for a child’s development, so I would never tell them not to play with toys. I just try not to make TOYS the main thing that they get. There is, of course, a place for toys. Use the Not On The High Street Discount Code and buy gifts for your kids from hundreds of gift ideas available. They are fun to play with and make great gifts for kids on their birthdays or to put in their Christmas stockings. I am, after all, a play therapist. I get paid to play with toys while working with kids. However… I also like coming up with ideas for birthdays and Christmas that don’t involve toys. Our house is also full to the brim with toys, and if you are reading this, I’m guessing yours is too. I have my own “Declutter Course” every year, where I go through our house and give away toys. But every birthday and holiday, they come back.


When I was thinking of gifts for kids to give them this year, I knew I didn’t want to just give them toys. Today, I’m going to talk about my favorite gift ideas for kids that aren’t toys. These could be gifts for kids on Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, or their birthdays. Really, these can be used at any time and are so much more meaningful than any toy you could buy.

Some of these were given to us by companies or friends, and the rest are ideas we have tried over the years. I also put in a few affiliate links to help you find the things I talk about in the post below. I hope you like these ideas for gifts for kids as much as I enjoy telling you about them. Here are some gift ideas that aren’t toys:


Make a photo album of the year’s memories for them (use an album that has room for writing next to the picture- write a little note about each picture, sharing why you loved that moment.) Each of our kids has a “firsts” book in which I put a picture and a description of their “firsts.” You could even try it in a situation like this. One year, we also made a family photo album that the kids could “decorate.”


Make a blanket with a picture of someone special on it (how fun to cuddle up with this reminder every night). Every night, our daughter sleeps with her (it has pictures on squares, sewn together to make a beautiful quilt- made by her great-aunt). One year, I made a “Hilton Head” blanket for the kids out of pictures from our trips to HHI. I chose pictures for each child’s blanket that was unique to that child. Here, you can make your own blanket.


This is a great gift because it keeps on giving. Our subscription to Creation Crate is another one we like. This great little box comes every month and introduces the kids to a world of STEM, including robotics, experiments, and more. Our kids love it! I often give this one as a gift.

Tickets to a show or game. This is a great gift because it brings back a lot of memories. There are so many plays, musicals, and other fun things to do. My mom has taken our kids to see the Hip-Hop Nutcracker, the Irish Christmas Carol, Frozen on Ice, and more. They are so much fun every time!

“PJs and ice cream with me” Give your child a $5 gift card to their favorite ice cream or snack shop (one with a drive-thru is even better!) & a new set of bedtime clothes. Get ice cream with your kids while wearing your pajamas. Our children LOVE it! (We stay in the car, get ice cream, park, eat, and talk.)


A few years ago, we gave each of our kids a picture mug. Even though it doesn’t sound like a very exciting gift, our kids really like them. They use them every night instead of a bowl for ice cream, which is their snack after dinner, and mine, too. On the mug, there are pictures of the kids playing in the lake over the summer. Each child’s mug has a different picture as part of the collage.


(The amount of money inside would depend on the child’s age, with more money for older kids. I’d also look at what other gifts they’d already gotten.


 I still have the one I had when I was little, so it will always be one of my favorites. I give these to our kids on their birthdays and on other special occasions so they can remember what happened that year.


Some of the ones our kids have are Handyman, Sports Illustrated for Kids, and Highlights. Use the My First Years Discount Code for savings. 


The kids love going to the kid museum near us. It’s a great place for them to have fun and learn.) I think it’s a great way to spend a day, and if you join, you can go so often that it pays for itself after just a few visits.

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