Ways to make your product packaging more sustainable

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Today, a large number of businesses are concerned about the environmental impact that their business leaves behind. Product packaging becomes the reason for tons of waste polluting landfills worldwide. Packaging is often considered a means to protect the product from external factors that might hamper the quality. But just because the consumer dumps it does not mean it isn’t an essential element. Product packaging is actually the most significant market tool for your business. It is the face of your brand, the first thing customers notice when your product is placed next to hundreds of similar products. Now when you cannot compromise on your product packaging but still want to reduce its environmental impact, the solution is to make packaging more sustainable. Yes, sustainable packaging is the next big thing that companies will have to opt for, if not now, then sometime. In fact, if you get your packaging done by a product Packaging Design Company in India, they also prefer using eco-friendly packaging due to the high demand. So, if you want to become a sustainable brand, we have some upgrading plans for you. 


Use recyclable material

Investing in packaging made of recyclable materials is a wonderful start if you are new to sustainable practices. This way, you can be sure that once clients receive their purchases or take your product home, they will easily recycle or reuse the packaging instead of throwing it away. Feel free to include instructions for proper recycling to prevent the packaging from going into the bin. The packaging supplier may also recycle and reuse material scraps, significantly reducing the waste production. This is another benefit of using easily recyclable materials. Pulp paperboard, paper, cardboard, and glass are some of the most typical materials to consider as these are easy to reuse.

Additional tip: Make packaging design aesthetically pleasing so that it abets the purchaser to keep it and reuse it. 


Opt for biodegradable packaging

Here, we’re focusing on biodegradable and non-conventional goods. Biodegradation is a recycling type where materials break down under specific circumstances. One such material that can be used to manufacture carrying bags, envelopes, and bubble wrap is bioplastic (recycled polyethene). When it is exposed to light, it starts to break down. Most retailers prefer cardboard and paper because of their printable and customizable qualities. The majority of consumers are aware that they are both recyclable and biodegradable. Therefore, in the unlikely event that cardboard boxes, paper bags, paper envelopes, or tissue paper end up in a landfill, they don’t endanger the environment as much as plastic, glass, or metal.

Reduce packaging volume

Other than switching the material choice, you can also reduce the packaging volume. This suggestion simply decreases packaging waste and is an economically viable option as it lowers the cost spent on material due to reducing quantity. Through high-level precision and innovative design, one can develop packaging shaped to fit closely around the product, which is more efficient. Get in touch with a packaging design company for custom-made boxes that save you from resource wastage. Custom-made packaging also makes a better impression on customers. So, it’s a double win-win for your company. 


Types of sustainable packaging

Now that you know how to make your packaging sustainable let’s see what the option in sustainable packaging is.


Cornstarch packaging: This type of material is a cheap alternative for packaging. Cornstarch packaging is biodegradable and decomposes naturally, making it an eco-friendly option to choose from. It is easy to produce and procure. It is also food safe and resistant to food fats. Nowadays, customers want to feel a connection with their favourite brand in terms of values, and cornstarch packaging will help you attain that connection and offers sustainable branding. 


Leaf plates– another biodegradable, compostable and toxic-free material you can consider is a leaf. This is an excellent way to attract conversation in your favour, especially a WOKE customer. Leaf plates are 100% natural, and they are considered the best alternative to plastic that is damaging our planet. They are sturdy and very versatile when it comes to storing food in a freezer and microwave. They are fully and genuinely committed to the eco-friendly cause. 


Mushroom packaging: This kind of packaging is increasing as big brands such as Ikea are adopting this kind of packaging for their products. This is very beneficial for the environment as it is biodegradable. Mushroom packaging decomposes within 90 days without causing any harm. It’s the ideal packaging for small items as it can be folded in any shape and looks very attractive. You can contact an expert packaging design company in India for more ideas. 



Tons of non-biodegradable waste is filled in our land every year. Businesses contribute a notable amount of waste in this scenario. So, every business owner should adopt planet-friendly practices. Utilize the above-mentioned eco-friendly packaging solution to reduce your impact on the environment. 

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