What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company in Washington Dc for Medical Offices

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Do you know the most sanitized location in a medical office? The answer isn’t that toilet chair, waiting room chairs, or even the door handle. It’s the clipboard pen that you are using to sign in. In reality, that small pen is home to 466,000 more bacteria than a normal toilet seat! This is only one instance of why a Commercial cleaning company in Washington Dc is so important. Your patients are coming to you for better overall health. Your staff members show up each day to fulfill their obligations as well.

If you’ve relied on the rotation of staff or other janitorial services to keep your office clean. You need to review your approach. Dental and medical clinics pose particular challenges in relation to proper cleaning, sanitation, and sterilization. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why it’s important to choose commercial cleaning services in Washington Dc that have experience in the field of medical cleaning of offices. Continue reading to find out more.

  1. Specialized Knowledge & Training

Cleaning your medical facility in a professional manner is more than just an easy wiping and spray. If your office is a breeding place for germs, how likely is your workplace for sick people to go to seek treatment?

Consider one of your most hectic times of the year, maybe it is cold or flu season. If you’re not able to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness in your office, there will be more than only sick patients. It’s likely that a lot of your receptionists, nurses, and other employees will also get sick. The more staff who are sick, have and the higher chance you’ll need to manage your clinic with a small staff. This can increase waiting times and increase the spread of germs as they cough and cough in the waiting area.

One of the major advantages of employing cleaners for Commercial cleaning in Washington DC  is the fact that they know the ways in which germs are propagated. They use high-end special-purpose cleaners that are safe for the environment but deadly for germs. They are aware of the most germ-ridden areas within medical offices from the Clipboard Pen to the stethoscope used by the doctor -and they ensure that they are cleaned and disinfected.

  1. Ensures Your Compliance

From hospital cleanliness to cleaning a single office, There are rules and regulations every medical facility has to follow. It’s easy to recite CDC, HIPAA, and OSHA without thinking about it; however, these organizations are more than acronyms. They’re regulatory bodies that establish the guidelines for how to keep your office clean and sanitized area to ensure that it’s clean for all employees.

A quick mop and sweep at the final day’s end aren’t going to be enough to meet these standards. There are regulations on how to empty your wastebaskets correctly. This shouldn’t be an issue, given that one out of 25 patients develops an infection while in a hospital.

The most important thing you don’t would like to do is be hit with a fine for non-compliance. In addition, you may be sued when a patient is able to prove that they contracted the illness by going to your clinic. There’s a good chance that you don’t are able (or desire) to go through the lengthy list of cleaning standards and rules from the authorities.

And this is exactly where medical offices ‘ cleaning services can help. They’ve mastered the requirements for cleaning and know how to exceed and meet the expectations of their clients. Don’t leave the office’s cleanliness to chance. Find professionals who know the medical field and assure you that you’re in compliance with all laws and regulations.

  1. Improved Patient Health

There’s been a lot of talk about airborne pathogens since this outbreak began. However, long before anyone spoke of “COVID-19,” doctors had to be concerned about the spreading of airborne viruses and bacteria. The flu, cold, and pneumonia are all transmitted through tiny airborne droplets. This means that, even when you’re washing and sanitizing, all surfaces in your healthcare facility and the air that everyone breathes may still be contaminated with bacteria.

If you’re not already using them, it’s likely that you’ve changed in favor of the medical grade HEPA cleaners for your air as the pandemic began. This is a big step in making sure your patients and personnel are secure. But, have you taken the time to think about the kinds of filters (if there are any) your cleaning team employs for their vacuums and other equipment for cleaning?

If you’re searching in the market for cleaning services, make sure to inquire about whether they employ HEPA filtering in their machines. It’s an excellent idea to check if they’re acquainted with procedures and protocols to prevent bloodborne pathogens. These are things that can be often overlooked, but they could be crucial in creating a safe and healthier atmosphere for patients. This is particularly important when you have patients who recover from surgery or have wounds that are healing.

  1. Improved Staff Health

The hiring of medical office cleaning services will not only ensure your patients are well. They will also keep your staff well. Consider the equipment and tools that you and your employees utilize on a daily basis. How many hands interact with identical keyboards and mobile tablet phones, pens, and doorknobs?

It’s been discovered that the clipboard is among the most germ-ridden areas in the workplace, but it’s far from being the only danger. Computer keyboards are twenty times more sanitized than the typical toilet seat, whereas touchscreen devices are 9000 times more germ-free. The more frequently you and your employees come in contact with these objects more likely the possibility of getting sick.

Sanitizing and washing hands properly is essential, but they’ve not proven enough ability to stop the spread of illnesses. To ensure that everyone in your team is healthy and to reduce absenteeism, you require professionals who are knowledgeable about the tricks and pitfalls of the sanitization of medical offices.

  1. Increased Employee Productivity

Let’s focus on your employees and then discuss another important benefit of professional services for cleaning productivity. In the end, you did not hire your assistants, nurses, and receptionists to sweep your office.

It’s not unreasonable to ask your employees to keep their workspaces clean and tidy. But each time they have to stop work for a patient to wash or disinfect something, it hinders their work. It’s not realistic for them to remain late to tidy the waiting room, sweep the flooring, or carry out an extensive clean-up of bathrooms. Even if they could take on these tasks, it won’t be as thorough as a group consisting of professionals.

Employing medical office cleaning services lets you and your staff focus on your work, which is taking care of your patients. Everyone is able to perform their work better without any stress.

  1. Saves You Money

This may seem odd. However, we’ll let you know. It’s a direct connection to what we’ve talked regarding with employees, and we expect them to keep the office. You could argue that giving them cleaning duties can save you cash over hiring professionals, But is this really true?

Imagine it in this manner. You hire your employees to do specific tasks that are related to health care. The addition of a lengthy list of cleaning tasks to their already busy schedules can result in a poorly clean office and lower employee morale. If they do not have a history of commercial clean-up, it could take them longer to finish their cleaning chores than it would take the professional cleaning staff.

If you’re interested in crunching the numbers, you can compare your employee’s hourly pay against the cost of employing a commercial cleaning firm. It’s likely that the best option for you is to hire professional cleaners.

  1. Better First Impressions

Medical office cleaning services aren’t just about saving your practice money; they can also improve the profit of your business. What’s the reason we say that? Don’t underestimate the importance of creating a positive impression and the impact they can accomplish for your company.

Let’s say that a new patient is visiting Your office on the first day. They’ll notice that the air is fresh and the glass is clean, and there’s not even a particle of dust visible. Your practice is a reflection of good health and cleanliness. Your patient will be able to leave knowing that you have placed emphasis on their health.

Let’s now compare it with a hospital that hasn’t been professionally cleaned. The new patient walks in and is able to immediately identify the areas that got very little or any attention. There are streaks of smudges on your windows. There are cobwebs in one corner and dust hanging out of the vents. There’s a lot of trash under the chairs in the waiting room and water spots everywhere on the mirror in the bathroom.

In any office that a patient goes through. It’s a be sure they’ll discuss their observations and experiences with other patients. If you think this isn’t something that’s important, consider it a possibility.

  1. Enhanced Protection Against Theft & Damage

It’s not the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about commercial cleaning products. But we’ll look at this benefit as the final one. It’s no doubt that your medical office has essential equipment, expensive medicines, and patient records that are sensitive. You must be extremely careful about who you allow entering your office to clean -particularly after hours when nobody else is there.

You can be assured that a business that is specialized in cleaning medical offices conducts rigorous background checks on each of its employees. They also offer extensive instruction on cleaning electronic equipment, medical equipment, and other costly items. You can be comfortable knowing that your office’s valuables are with honest, professional cleaners.

Medical Offices Cleaning Services in Washington DC

Commercial cleaning services are an important resource for all kinds of businesses. For doctors’ offices, hospitals, as well as any other healthcare facilities, it’s vital. Your patients visit you for help. If you don’t provide adequate Medical Offices, Cleaning Services, and Sanitization, they might be sicker than the time they first arrived.

Do not risk your staff or patients, particularly during the time of COVID-19. The best approach is to hire professionals for Commercial cleaning in dc who will complete the task perfectly every time. We’ll make sure that every square area of your medical office is spotless, from the bathroom and waiting rooms to the soiled clipboard that has a pen.

Are you looking to hire an expert team who have decades of experience cleaning, sanitizing, and sterilizing medical establishments? Colonial cleaning.net is dedicated to providing the best services for Commercial Cleaning in Washington, DC.


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