What Is Chat GPT AI Tool, Which Has Been Banned By Many Educational Institutions



ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool created by Microsoft’s company OpenAI, is in controversy these days. Launched last year, this tool has been banned by many educational institutions.

Chat Gpt

OpenAI launched ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, in November 2022. Within 5 days of its launch, this chat bot started trending on Twitter and was downloaded by more than 1 million users. However, this chatbot is currently in controversy and has been banned by many educational institutions. ChatGPT has been developed by OpenAI of technology company Microsoft, which can answer any question like humans. Hence, this tool has become very popular among students and research scholars.

Why is ChatGPT in controversy?

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool of Microsoft OpenAI has been banned by New York City public schools. After this tool is banned, neither any student nor teacher will be able to use it. The Education Department has removed this artificial intelligence tool from devices and internet networks. The Education Department believes that due to ChatGPT, there will be a negative impact on some learning of the students and the accuracy of any content may also be questioned. Also Read – Many Great Features Came Together In Microsoft Teams, Android Users Will Be Very Useful

Apart from the New York City Education Department, this tool has also been banned in the International Machine Learning Conference. ICML banned the use of ChatGPT in its policy, after which research scholars associated with artificial intelligence academics started opposing this policy on social media platforms.

It is being improved

Amidst the controversy over ChatGPT, an OpenAI spokesperson said that the company is currently working on its flaws so that anyone can use the text generated by it. The spokesperson further said that we have developed ChatGPT as a research preview to be used in the real world. We hope this is an important part of safe artificial intelligence development. We will try to improve it further with the help of continuous feedback.

Regarding the ChatGPT artificial intelligence tool, some schools and educators believe that it may start writing student assignments in the coming days, which may lead to problems like cheating and plagiarism. This is the reason why this tool has been banned in international conferences. Microsoft recently acquired OpenAI for $1 billion. The technology company wants to make real life problems easier by using this AI tool.

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