What to Look For in Event Booking Software

As an event organizer, one of the tools that you must have access to is event booking software. That is if you don’t want to deal with calls like “I paid for X event but I haven’t received a confirmation yet”, and other similar calls.

The right event booking tool will present a myriad of benefits for your business. Your customers will appreciate it, and you can have more time to fine-tune other aspects of your business and the event you are planning.

But you won’t enjoy such benefits if you choose the wrong tool. In that light, here’s what you need to look for in event booking software:

1. User-friendliness

The best event booking software is one that employs a seamless registration/ticketing process. This cuts across all user levels, which means that you and the fans will enjoy using the tool.

When you choose event booking software from Perfect Venue, you will get an intuitive interface with straightforward features. This means that you don’t have to invest a lot of time and effort just to learn how the software works.

2. Great customer support

This is more like an extension of the first point. An excellent event booking system is not complete if there’s not a dedicated customer support system.

Since not everyone is tech-savvy, and some issues are beyond your tech capability, you need someone to help when necessary. This will add to the user-friendliness of the tool.

3. Advanced white-label website builders

White-label branding is not only about adding your company’s logo and brand theme. It’s also about being able to build event websites without making it so obvious to your audience that you used a third-party tool.

You want to maintain consistency and give the event fans a uniform experience and a reason to trust your brand. The website builders presented by your booking software should be rich in features, but still, be easy to use.

4. Automated confirmations

You won’t have an easy day at work as an event organizer if you have to reply to every registrant individually. This is where a well-designed event booking tool comes in.

Each time someone completes their registration or purchases a ticket to an event, they will receive an automatic confirmation message. That way, you can have an easier backend job, while increasing customer satisfaction levels.

5. Mobile friendliness

As we advance through the digital age, more people are switching to mobile devices. There’s a great convenience in being able to do most of the things that you are required to do using your home PC while on the move.

As such, getting booking software that easily accommodates mobile users is a great plus to your business’s attractiveness.

6. Effective promotional tools

For your event to be successful, you will need an effective marketing strategy. The booking software solution that you choose should be part of this strategy.

It should have tools such as one-click sharing buttons to make it easier for more people to know about the event.

What’s more, such software should include tools that make it easier to communicate with guests as well as interested fans. This way, you can effectively identify their preferences and include them in your event plan.

7. Elaborate guest tracking

The guest-tracking capability of your preferred event booking software should be top-notch. You should be able to know the type of guests that you are dealing with as well as their preferences.

A perfectly-designed system should sort out your guests for your based on various categories such as new attendees, VIPs, past attendees, and more. And when it comes to the actual event, the system should make it easy to check in the guests and tick them off the list, automatically.

To sum it all up,

These are some of the most important features that your event booking tool must have. 

With a well-crafted event booking system like Perfect Venue, you will have an easier time ensuring the success of your event. So if you have an upcoming event, be sure to leverage the power of Perfect Venue, and see the difference that makes!

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