Which juicer for celery is best for home?

juicer for celery

Do you need to locate the finest juicer for celery to make juice from celery? You should consider two factors: mobility and functionality. If you mostly juice celery, a small juice extractor will work fine. After evaluating more than a hundred different models, the best juice extractors for generating nutrient-rich celery juices were identified. 

Here are the top celery juicers available right now, without further ado.

Celery juicers: The Top 7 Best Juicers

Below are the best celery juicers for home.

Omega MM900HDS Celery Juicer

The Omega MM900HDS, also known as That of the Medical Medium Juicer, is now regarded as the finest masticating juicer and the best juicer  for  celery according to our study.It’s a capable celery juicer that won’t empty your wallet since it hits the perfect balance between cost and utility.

The brand basically developed this item to use these delectable stalks. If you are familiar with the Omega 8006 Juicer, it has a similar layout. The adjustable celery end cap on the MM900HDS model is a unique innovation. Celery has a smaller clearance when being juiced to improve output.

Ninja Juicer Pro

The Omega Juicer for  Celery is already affordable. The Ninja Juicer Pro is an option if you’re looking for something even more affordable. I’m writing this purchasing recommendation at a touch over $100 right now.

It is a machine that produces a bone-dry pulp and is incredibly efficient while also being quite affordable.One of the top machines for extracting juice from leafy leaves.Therefore, celery stalks would undoubtedly go well with it.

The inlet of the Ninja Juicer Pro is not very large. You must cut your celery into smaller pieces in order for it to pass down a 1.5-inch funnel. In addition, besides celery, it’s a great machine for many other fruits and vegetables.

Kuvings EVO820

The complete Kuvings Evolution masticating juicer is targeted at a different segment of the juice market. The only business that can offer appealing leather pattern finishes is Kuvings. The EVO820 also comes in dark silver, white, deep red, charcoal, black wine gold, and rose gold as additional color choices. Celery juice keeps your sense of style up to date.

In the slow juicer market, Kuvings is the front-runner. Because they created the technology, you shouldn’t expect anything less from this Korean manufacturer of kitchen equipment. Aside from those lavish leather finishes, the Kuvings Evolution complete slow juicer has a number of functions that must be present in less costly juicing apparatus.

It also includes a blank strainer that may be applied to different food preparation duties. Also, you have a cleaning device made especially for the filter holder.The juice extraction process is more effective thanks to the modern chute and disk design. You may also use your EVO820 as a standalone electric citrus juicer by getting an extra citrus attachment.

Kuvings outdid itself with this fantastic offering. The EVO820 is a superb all-purpose juice extractor that is excellent for celery and other plants. It may also be used to make soy and almond milk.

Hurom H101

When it comes to vertical slow juicers, Hurom is unmatched. Despite the Hurom H101’s price, you should take into account it due to its “simple to clean” attribute. It is the greatest cold press juicer of the year, the finest compact juicer for celery, and currently occupies the top rank on our list of the ten best juicers. It is not only incredibly portable and user-friendly, but it is also fairly compact.

Hurom also created an industry first with its grooved filter basket. Other manufacturers will probably use this concept in their goods in the future. Presently, the only source is the Korean business.

The filter basket is simple to clean since it lacks small holes, where pulp frequently gets stuck. Instead, it has long grooves that cut the height of the filter basket in half. There is also a second internal filter basket with longer grooves.

It performs flawlessly. I’m not sure how it works its magic, though. Stop wasting time cleaning that nagging strainer. It only needs to be well rinsed. Juicing will be far less of a hassle with the Hurom H101.

Omega CNC80 Series

The Omega CNC80 Series, the most affordable model, is the first in the company’s line of horizontal masticating juicers. It has a more streamlined design, a larger funnel form, and all the advantageous qualities of the well-liked Omega 8006 model.

It makes wonderful juice from many other fruits and vegetables in addition to celery, too. The product’s only flaw is that it has a small feeding chute; like the Aicok AMR-521 and the Hurom H101, it will require a lot of setup time.

As with any Omega product, you may assume that it will have enhanced food processing abilities. It can also grind coffee beans, extrude pasta, homogenize baby food, mince sauces, and make non-dairy milk alternatives from almonds or soybeans in addition to extracting juice.

Hurom H200

The Simple-Clean Another Hurom product on this list is the H200 Juicer, which is the H101’s bigger sibling. If not for the price, it may have topped our compilation. The Hurom H200 stands out as one of the Best Juicers for Celery thanks to its big feeding tube. The fact that an entire apple can fit inside makes things considerably simpler.

You still need to remove the nuts, shells, and rinds from your products even if you don’t need to chop it into one- to two-inch chunks. Additionally, it is the second juicer to employ a filter basket technology that is easy to clean.

Breville Juice Fountain Plus

A centrifugal juicer can handle whole fruits and vegetables, so there is no need to cut them before using it. A juice glass can be made in 5 seconds. That is rather usual for juice extractors in this category that is unique from power xl juicers. The Juice Fountain Plus sometimes referred to as the Breville JE98XL, is the company’s second most economical juicer. By any standard, it’s a cheap product from a good manufacturer.

If you’re merely juicing celery, centrifugal juicers are a terrific alternative. Due to its high water content, celery is one of the fruits and vegetables that juicing enthusiasts often turn to.


Although I’ve narrowed down your options for the Best Juicer for Celery Juice, there are still a lot of options. Just bear in mind the suggestions I made. You may select brands like Hurom, Omega, Kuvings, or any Breville juicer based on your budget.

Slow juicers have already dominated this area, and I’ll leave you with the Omega MM900HDS, which is the finest.


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