Why Business in France Host Website on VPS Server?

Why Business in France Host Website on VPS Server?

A Powerful server is a must, no matter if you create a small application or a resource-consuming website, or you may stream content online. Investing in a powerful and robust server is essential thing. For every business dedicated server is not the right choice. It is good for giant businesses and high-traffic websites. In France, VPS Server hosting can be the best option as it brings features like dedicated hosting at a cheap price.

Hosting a website on a dedicated server can cost you hundreds of dollars, which is the main reason why it is not the right option for a startup or growing business. While a Virtual private server costs you less than a dedicated web server, and it offers great performance and reliability.  

Sounds amazing, Right? Before buying a web hosting solution from a provider, first, understand which server would be best for you. In this article we will discuss the alternatives to VPS Hosting and What is the reason why Businesses choose it for hosting their website in France. 

What Are The Alternative of VPS Hosting in France?

Earlier there are only two types of web hosting solutions were available- shared hosting and dedicated server. In recent years, VPS servers and cloud Hosting has gained a lot of popularity. With emerging technology now business owners have the choice to choose the best web hosting solution that suits their needs. Now, let’s understand all types of web hosting solutions.

  • Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is commonly used by small businesses, that don’t require dedicated resources. Technically shared hosting is a server that hosts multiple websites on one server. All the users of the shared server can use its resources like RAM, storage, CPU, and bandwidth. As a result, your website performance depends on the other users.

Cheap ownership pricing is the prime reason why businesses use it. And another advantage of Shared Hosting is it is managed by the provider so users don’t need to worry about maintenance. But shared hosting is not good in terms of security and performance. There are high chances that your website will crash in high-traffic situations and chances of malware threats and cyber attacks are also very high. Because of these reasons people “choose  France VPS hosting” to provide their website with more security and high-grade server resources.

  • Dedicated server

A dedicated server is completely different from Shared Hosting. You are the sole occupant of the server. No other user can access your dedicated server resources. It is completely devoted to your business website or application.

All the big companies use dedicated server because it is reliable and secure and most importantly it offers the best performance. It is considered one of the best web hosting solutions. But the main problem with a dedicated server is the cost of ownership. It is best for websites that face traffic millions and needs better security with unmatchable performance. For a growing or small business, it is not useful. dedicated servers cost $60-$200 per month, while VPS cost $15-$60 per month. Therefore, because of the Affordable VPS Server Plans In France, businesses buy these services and host their sites.

  • Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting and Virtual Private Hosting are similar to each other. There is only one difference between them: VPS is one part of a physical server, while Cloud Hosting is not associated with any physical server.

Cloud environments consist of numerous servers around the world. A cloud hosting service allows you to reserve a piece of this environment for your website or application. In terms of cost, it comes at cheap pricing. But the main problem is with the customization.

You have to use Cloud Hosting with the provided settings, as it won’t offer you the option to customize the server. While VPS Server in France is customizable. Users can install any application or software to fulfill their requirements.

Reasons Why Businesses Should Host Websites on VPS Server France

Reasons Why Businesses Should Host Websites on VPS Server France

We discuss the alternatives of VPS Servers, If you compare all the options with Virtual Private Server, it seems to be the right choice. There are many reasons Why VPS Server is the Best choice for business in France. Let’s discuss the top 5 reasons.

  • Cost of Ownership

The cost of Ownership of a France VPS Web Server is less than dedicated hosting. Yes, it’s right that a virtual private server costs higher than shared hosting. But the features it brings in at a cheap price are more exciting. The basic plan of Cheap VPS in France starts at $15. That’s it, at a low price you get the best features like a dedicated server.

  • Unbeatable Security

In France, VPS Hosting is recognized as one of the secure web hosting solutions. It offers you an environment that is reserved for you, no one else can access server resources. And most important VPS web hosting comes with Firewall and antivirus protection to protect your website data from cyber attacks.  

In Cloud and Shared Hosting you have to settle with the default security features offered by the provider, you can’t manage security as per your needs.

  • Option to Customize

One of the prime reasons for hosting a website on a France VPS Server is easy customization. With Virtual Private Server you can install any software or application to get better control of the server. Moreover, You can choose the operating system as per your need. As a result, you get better performance.

  • Scalability

When you host a website on shared hosting, the chances to scale server resources are zero. When traffic on the website increases you have to upgrade your server resources. With a dedicated server, you can scale server resources but it needs a bit more effort from the service provider as it requires physical server upgradation. while you can easily scale VPS Server resources in France. With a few clicks, you can scale VPS resources as you require.

  • Unmatchable Performance

Perfromance is another reason why businesses choose VPS Server over other web hosting solutions in France. Yes in comparison with a dedicated server, Virtual Private Server won’t perform well. But it is far better than shared hosting as It also offers features similar to a dedicated server. 

When Business Should Choose VPS Hosting in France?

We believe that you understand why businesses in France choose VPS Hosting over other solutions. It brings all the features a business website needs. Businesses require a server that is fast, secure, reliable and fulfills all their needs. The Best VPS Server in France is the perfect choice in all situations. However, there is some situation that helps you when to choose VPS. The situation is;

  • When your business is expanding and the website is getting a lot of traffic.
  • Business is growing and you need a powerful server at an cheap price.
  • When you need the flexibility to choose Server OS and resources, for better control and customization.
  • In the case of security, VPS would be a good option


Choosing a suitable web hosting solution is very important. It can enhance your website capabilities, performance, and security of your website data. The Best VPS Server in France is a combination of dedicated servers and Shared Hosting, it offers performance and safety like dedicated servers at an cheap price like Shared Hosting.

VPS Hosting in France is the best choice because of these reasons.

  • The cost of ownership is Low,
  • Great security
  • Easy to Customize
  • Scalability
  • High performance

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