Writing a Literature Review in One Day…

Writing a Literature Review in One Day…

What Is Literature Review?

What exactly is a review article? A review article is also termed a literature review or literature overview. It is a review of previous studies that have been conducted on a particular topic. It must contain a summary of the latest research findings on the topic. Also, unlike an original research report, it does not contain new experimental results.

Why is Literature Review Required?

ü  To provide a sound background to a topic

ü  To describe the current state of knowledge

ü  Identify research gaps in current studies that could be addressed in the future

ü  Highlight the primary research methods and procedures

Here comes the actual point…. How can a Person Write a Literature review in one day? Is this even possible…? Yes, it is! Let’s take a look:

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5 Steps to Write a Literature Review in a Day

Thanks, these top tricks later once you write an excellent literature review in a day.

1.  Search for a Relevant Literature

Google Scholar, my library, JSTOR and Scopus are the students’ favourite databases. You can read more about the distinction between formal and informal papers here. When searching for sources, always use effective keywords like those related to your topic. The estimated time for this search and suffering will be 1-2 hours.

2.  Smart Reading

Yes, reading is a necessity, but what is essential is to read smartly.

When you use keywords to access an article, skim the summary and pay attention to the following:

ü  The topic

ü  The main ideas

ü  The general conclusions

ü  The shortcomings of the research

This way, you can cut down your reading time considerably. Some people find it difficult to concentrate because they are constantly restless. Reading smartly can help you spend less time studying. The approximate time for reading will be 2 hours.

3.  Organize the Findings

Generate a Google Sheets or a Microsoft Word/Excel document to record all the findings you get while reading articles. Include the title and author of every article.

Another suggestion is to include additional columns that group results by relevant keywords, approaches and themes. Give a summary of the conclusions from the article at the end.

You can keep 2 hours for this step.

4.  Synthesize your Work

Here comes the most thrilling part. It is time to synthesize all fancy terms and puzzle pieces together.

Check the main points of arguments and look for recurring themes and patterns. Everything you need is already written; your job is to put it together. It will hardly take 1 hour.

5.  Write your Literature Review

Now all you need to do is write!

Make sure your writing flows smoothly. Of course, you also need to check to spell and look for clarity to ensure it is good. It is the last and the most critical step. Depending on the writing speed and experience, it may take 3-4 hours to complete the writing process.


Do you see? A literature review in itself is a relatively easy task. The only problem with literature reviews is plagiarism, as you will cite many other authors’ work.

But don’t panic: If you doubt your abilities, you can always seek advice from the online literature review writing services UK. GOOD LUCK!


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